USA Tips

Averaging £63.35 Profit Per Month

The All Important Stats

USA Tips joined Tipster Warehouse in February 2019 and since then has gone on to produce -£40.00 with just £20 stakes averaging to £63.35 monthly.

By hunting for value, backing selections at average odds of 2.25 and picking winners 54.15% of the time, USA Tips ensures your betting grows without the dreaded long losing run.

That’s how he’s been able to take -£40.00 of the bookies!

If you fancy a piece of that -£40.00 pie then you’ll need to jump onboard with the Tipster Warehouse network:


Profit Since February 2019


Return on Investment


Average Odds


Average Monthly Profit


Win Rate


200pts Bank Growth Rate

Performance Breakdown

How USA Tips Has Performed Recently


January 2020

50.00% of 12 Bets Profitable


December 2019

76.92% of 13 Bets Profitable


November 2019

63.64% of 11 Bets Profitable


October 2019

64.00% of 25 Bets Profitable


September 2019

54.17% of 24 Bets Profitable


August 2019

59.26% of 27 Bets Profitable

All About USA Tips

USA Tips specialises, as the name suggests, in US-based sports including NBA, NHL, NHL. He carefully selects the games with the best value based on his decade of US sports betting experience to ultimately produce an 10.84% ROI.

The US sports can be a complicated affair for most punters, especially those on the wrong side of the pond. But that’s why USA Tips exists: To help you make money on the markets you don’t need to understand.

Whether you simply want a new angle to bet on, follow US sports and want some professional betting insight, or simply enjoy the idea of averaging £63.35 every month by including him as part of your overall portfolio, we know you’ll love The USA Tipster, and value his selections contained in all Tipster Warehouse membership plans.

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Key Facts

Tips Sent Via Email and Members Area

Every Tip from USA Tips are sent both via email and through our exclusive members area

Around 40 to 50 Tips Per Month

On average, USA Tips sends around 40 to 50 expert variety of US sports tips each month

Advised Starting Bank of 200pts

You should always follow the advised bank! With this service, you should use a 200 bank

Tips Sent Every Day Between 8am - 9am

USA Tips will send tips Every Day at the set time of between 8am - 9am UK time

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Is it really just one fee?

That's right! You pay just one subscription fee to gain access to each and every tipster including any tipsters who join us in the future

How much does it cost?

So you can determine if Tipster Warehouse is right for you, it's just £1 for your first 7 days then either £9 per month or £79 per year

Can I cancel my subscription?

There are no minmum term contracts at Tipster Warehouse so you're free to cancel whenever you like

What happens if I'm really unhappy?

We have a full money back guarantee in place. If you're unhappy during your first 30 days then let us know and we'll refund your fees